African Liberation Reader: Documents of the National Liberation Movements : The Anatomy of Colonialism

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Their library holds "unpublished diaries of ordinary citizens reflecting life during the Siege of Kimberley October February Has links to other museums in Kimberley. Melville Village A suburb of Johannesburg, one page history. Memory and History, Cape Town, Aug. Has papers online some are in French. Writers wishing to cite the content of papers in their own work need to request permission from the paper authors. Metropolitan Museum of Art. Maps, bibliographies, timeline for the continent.

Explanations of features in the works depicted. Includes science and some art museums. Carries out research in archaeology, historical anthropology, rock art studies. Current historical research includes the role of the UDF in the ss and the role of Indian women in the struggle. Its library holds a significant photograph collection. How to interpret findings, why is Africa a hotspot for hominid development, classroom ideas for K, links to related sites.

National Library of Canada. Theses Canada In English and French. Access for free the full text electronic versions of Canadian theses and dissertations that were published from the beginning of to August 31, ; Their holdings include press clippings on Africa and a Horn of Africa refugees collection. Policy, 2, documents on microfiche, cost U.

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Sold by Proquest. The collection is held by at least 23 U. The site provides information on how to use the FOIA. Some libraries subscribe to this database for their students, faculty.

Includes memos, cables re Angola, military training by South Africa for the Contras, African reaction to the Cuban missile crisis, Zambia, Mozambique, etc. HSRC Publishers, Volume One.

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  6. Full text of Volume One. From Google books. Official site. Northwestern University. Melville J. Ntantala, Phyllis. Phyllis Ntantala is the wife of A. Berkeley : University of California Press, Nuafrica Interdisciplinary discussion on African history including South African issues. List hosted by Michigan State and the History Dept. The list owner is Keith Breckenridge breckenr mtb.

    The Khoisan, Dutch Reform Church, transport history, related sites. Short biographies of significant people. Chronology of events from ss.


    Online Archive of California " Has for ex. Parliamentary Millennium Project Site works only in Microsoft's browser. Antiquarian Western maps from South Africa's Parliament and their view of Africa are contrasted with African history from an African perspective. Uses photographs of archaeological discoveries to illustrate Africa's history before Europeans arrived.

    Lukasa memory boards and "map" staffs are seen vis a vis Western maps. Different historical experiences influence "the way we make policy decisions and how we see our future society. Kimberley, South Africa, ? Introduction, by Neil Parsons.

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    There are many texts on South Africa - U. Video tapes including state visits can be ordered. Smuts who wrote "We have not only an unforgettable picture of mobile guerrilla warfare, but also an accurate description of life among the Boer forces. His site contains his? One can obtain a catalog of the books for sale. There are articles and links to other Rhodesia and South Africa pages.

    Has information on an Aug. Robben Island - Freedom. Information on tours, history, exhibitions, Artists-in-Residency programme, the geology, etc. Rootsweb "Our intention is to create a comprehensive database of records and information relating to Jewish immigration to South Africa. Sachs, Albie - Suffering, Survival, and Transformation. He is "a leader in the struggle for human rights in South Africa and [was] a freedom fighter in the African National Congress. Interview with Ian Knight. Related web sites. Slavery the Cape of Good Hope in both Dutch and British South Africa Contents include from book sources the Cape slave code of , social conditions of slaves at the Cape, a timeline of slavery at the Cape, an extensive bibliography, scholars of slave history, etc.

    South Africa history

    Site by Mogamat G Kamedien. Gillian Slovo confronts the contradictions. Based in London. Includes messages concern African-American genealogy. Messages on South African genealogy, many from Steve Hayes. Scott, Thomas C. Originally published as a print book - Pittsburgh, Pa. Each section has an essay and annotated entries. Compilers include Fred Cooper, Pamela Scully , etc.

    Has a series of quizes which cannot be answered from information on the site alone. Has very useful links to related South African history web sites. South Africa. Has a 3 minute preview video. An Educators section uses primary materials. Links to related sites.


    Maintained by Cameron Kirk Kinnear. South African Concentration Camps During the Boer War "An example of classes and types of British official documents in the Stanford libraries for the study of African colonial history. Prepared by John Rawlings, Stanford Univ. Libraries' Africa Bibliographer. Maintained by Paul Anderson. South African Genealogy Page by C. Mercer on reseaching South African family history.

    Establishing the Republic - National Liberation Movements - Social Science - Class 10

    South African Heritage Resource Agency "To provide for the identification, conservation, protection and promotion of our heritage for the present and future generations. Database of Early Architects in South Africa. Find for ex. Cape Town architect Franklin Kaye Kendall.

    Full text of the National Heritage Resources Act. South African history facts. Lutuli, Oliver Tambo, Mandela, G. SA ePpublications provides paid subscribers access to full text online. The collection includes documents, newsletters, pamphlets, posters, slides, sound recordings, t-shirts, banners, etc. Its Freedom of Information Programme has reports, lists of documents released under the Promotion of Access to Information Act, links to related information access sites.

    A large numbre of full text online books. South African Museum Cape Town Features on rock paintings, terracotta heads , a histor y of the museum, the second oldest scientific institute in South Africa. South African Registry of Wills and Testaments Site to register wills - "By registering you will ensure that your Last Will and Testament are discovered at the time of your passing as the existence and location details of your Will are recorded in a central database affording your loved ones and those tasked with administering your estate easy access to vital information concerning your Will.

    South African Voices " From the late s into the s. Includes audio files. South African War Virtual Library Has a chronology of the war cited in early histories as the Anglo-Boer War , biographies of major figures, many photos and maps, and more. Sources are often given.