Gender, Land, and Livelihoods in East Africa

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Rojas Wiesner, H.

Drylands, Livelihood and Gender Programme | IUCN

Angeles Cruz, M. Its main objective is to analyse the diversification and stratification of gendered migratory streams with regard to skill level, labour market integration, and legal status.

Language and Gender in East Africa

In turn a migrant's position in relation to these axes influences access to entitlements and rights. Conceptually, the book builds upon the recent shift in scholarly research on migration, with women-centred research shifting more toward the analysis of gender. Migration is now viewed as a gendered phenomenon that requires more sophisticated theoretical and analytical tools than sex as a dichotomous variable.

Theoretical formulations of gender as relational, and as spatially and temporally contextual have begun to inform gendered analyses of migration. The contributions to this book elaborate in more detail the broader social factors that influence migrating women's and men's roles, access to resources, facilities and services. Empirically, all major regions are discussed, pointing to common trends such as the increasing significance of the regionalization of migration flows as well as some noteworthy differences.

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The conflict that erupted in Darfur in hugely affected women and girls — many of them not only lost their husbands, fathers, sons and brothers to fighting; they also lost their homes and their livelihoods. Before the crisis, women were the backbone of the family economy. They worked in farms and sold goods at […].

Gender, Land, and Livelihoods in East Africa: Through Farmers' Eyes

Uganda, as a country is endowed with such beauty, filled with so much opportunity and promise and yet we also face many challenges. One of the greatest threats to our development is the impact of climate change as rising temperatures; drought and flooding are already hitting majority of Ugandans hard.

As world leaders come together […]. This November, off my stage performances, I had an opportunity of meeting some smallscale women farmers who are supported by Oxfam and partners in Nebbi District.

Drylands, Livelihood and Gender Programme

It was so different from my day to day routine as it gave me a whole new perspective on the efforts and struggles these women go through to feed […]. Monica has not been home in Malakal for almost two years. She has not seen or spoken to two of her four children either.

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All she wants is to go back home, but to do that, she needs the fighting to stop long enough for peace to find its place. Tagged with: Africa , agriculture , Climate change , Food crisis , Food security , livelihoods , resilience , South Sudan.