Guerrilla Marketing for Artists: Build a Bulletproof Art Career to Thrive in Any Economy

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Finally, Davey provides ample resources at the end of the book. Here you will find additional books, many of his own, web sites, and a plethora of art blogs, which focus on art sales.

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Each of these follow his principles of straight talk, inspiration and hands on guidance. I recommend that you buy, read, and work through Guerrilla Marketing for Artists, if you want to start selling your art or want to improve your art sales. My copy is already dog-eared and full of yellow highlights. Dear Bob, I am both quite honored and humbled at your kind words about my book.

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You put into words things I could not. I cannot thank you enough for your belief in what I am doing with my efforts to help artists and for your generous support. You will learn how to break down your marketing processes so you can utilize the components most valuable to you. Register Today! Thursday, October 10, - p.

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So much information was made available to us…the webinar was invaluable. Rimpo Now that I have direction, I will stop faltering. Previously, I did not know what to do next. The reference guide with list of tools and resources are very helpful. I plan on implementing many of them.

I plan to start with mapping my week, which will be most helpful in getting a focus. So many distractions keep me from creating, and then it takes so much time just to promote yourself. Bartos The importance of focusing on the local market; I had been lured by the notion that the internet will allow me to skip that part. By focusing and closely following the advice,he gives artists gain knowledge and hope that they can sell their artwork, and can overcome marketing obstacles.

I am an artist who produces lots of work.

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Exposure is everything! Thank you!!! Through his advice and counseling, he has helped thousands of visual artists improve their careers. Davey is the author of four books on art marketing, including Amazon.

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Since , he has published more than art marketing and art business articles on ArtBusinessBlog. Since , Barney Davey has guided artists on art marketing, business, advertising and tradeshow strategies. Highly recommended.

Easy to read and filled with strategies and encouragement, this new book will help any artist gain confidence and overcome challenges when speaking about their work and marketing to their audience. This is a practical guide to creating a career as a successful artist with a profitable business. Includes information about different business models, and industry specific advice.

This engaging guide to money matters for creatives includes topics such as budgeting, financial management, taxes and other money matters that can prove challenging to entrepreneurs.

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Her approachable style makes this a palatable read that is also extremely helpful for your small business. This bestselling author takes on the subjects of creativity and inspiration, encouraging readers to embrace curiosity, face down your fears and fill your everyday life with more mindfulness and passion. Super useful book that provides forms such as artist-gallery agreements, commission agreements, contracts of sale, leases, and more with step-by-step instructions, checklists, and advice on negotiation.

Using humor and a conversational tone, the author introduces marketing concepts, with step-by-step strategies for artists. He educates and inspires creatives to succeed with ideas and insights that really work.

Getting your creative work done is the focus of this book, which gives you the tools to take action and finish long-term projects. It helps you identify resistance points along the way and overcome them.

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The premise of this book is how to become the ideal art student candidate, written by an adviser who spent 25 years doing just that. She also explores the creative process, and gives examples of ways to produce a portfolio worthy of a scholarship. This classic tome is well known for information on art theory and studio practice. The author discusses concept and technique from his viewpoint as an esteemed art instructor. This popular expert focuses on helping the reader build successful relationships directly with collectors, developing a loyal audience through marketing and networking strategies.

Artists dealing with health issues or limited time to pursue a business will appreciate this book, by an author with a chronic illness who has been able to build a successful business herself. The author, a gallery owner, gives step-by-step instructions on how to embrace a sales mindset. Learn how to become comfortable speaking with potential collectors, understand buyer psychology, and improve your sales.

Solid information on putting together an art website for e-commerce, other internet options, and marketing strategies ranging from email to social media. A classic handbook, now in its seventh edition, on taking control over your own art career. She presents strategies for getting into a gallery, negotiate, marketing your art, and making sales.

Just getting started? Not sure how to make it all work? This book is like a business class for artists with ideas and strategies for marketing, writing your artist statement, social media and more.