Thirty Years in the 12th House

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For the last year especially, as this whole 27 year cycle draws to a close, I have been feeling that ennui, listlessness and need for new stimulus which is so characteristic of the Moondark phase of any cycle. What were you doing in the last year or so of each of those cycles? What had changed by the time the new cycle had begun to take shape after years?

Depending on your age, you may by now be able to look back through eg three or four or more cycles of Jupiter, or eg two cycles of Saturn? What themes can you detect which have unfolded through these cycles and repeats? I really enjoy working in this way with my clients, my students and mentorees — and myself.

2nd lord in the 12th house in Astrology (Second lord in the Twelfth house)

There is much understanding and learning to be gained therefrom. There is already plenty of commentary of varying quality across the Web regarding the nature of this upcoming Pisces New Moon, and what we might expect it to bring.

What do the planets symbolize?

However, just from a quick glance at the chart, featured at the top of this post: W ow! It is going to be quite a month, with the New Moon conjunct Neptune, semi-square Uranus which re-enters Taurus on the same day ie Wednesday 6th March Mercury, currently stationary, turns retrograde at the end of Pisces, heading back towards Neptune by the end of March …. No doubt this combination of energies will bring floods of one kind or another, as well as other disruptions in the natural world. I could go on…but will leave that to the many other commentators! As ever, it would be great to have your feedback …this is how we all learn!

Every so often, being a fully paid-up 12th House person, I have to take time out to re-charge my blogging batteries. The first one, rather appropriately, is on that most mysterious, elusive and oft-misunderstood and misrepresented place in space, the Twelfth House. You will shortly see why!

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Enjoy the read by clicking on the link below which resolutely refuses my attempts to colour it blue!! Posted in The Twelfth House 3 articles. Tagged Astrology , astrology and quantum physics , horoscope , The 12th House , Zodiac. So, here it is for those of you who have been asking for some time for a copy….

A tiny frog, barely half an inch long, flopped, dead, on the tip of a teaspoon as I gently lowered it toward the plug hole of the kitchen sink. The tadpoles which I had brought home a few weeks previously had all survived. Satisfaction and pleasure at having achieved this, however, was tempered with the growing knowledge that these delightful new pets would soon have to be returned to their original habitat. This small incident, which occurred well over thirty years ago, offered such a poignant illustration of the transient fragility of life that it has never left my memory. There are times when something apparently tiny and fleeting can illustrate much larger truths.

The constant dance between order and chaos, form and formlessness, being and non-being, seems to occur in all epochs and at all levels. Astrology has its own name for this inchoate territory where everything, tiny or vast, which has ever had form dissolves back into the primal waters of the Source. It is called the Twelfth House. I have been preoccupied with the mystery of whence we arise and where we return since I opened my eyes to the world. Where do we go when we give up the fight? Where do we go when we drift, allowing fantasy to take over?

Where do we go when we die? Astrology has a name for this inchoate territory where everything dissolves into the primal waters. She is looking for something to pass the time. She picks up an astrology magazine The Mountain Astrologer reads my article whilst she is waiting, goes home and immediately emails me. Her comments on what she has read are affirming and much appreciated. May she use my phrase around which to create the collage?

She thanked me most graciously. The lady was as good as her word. Here is the beautiful collage she made, which I shall always treasure. The Twelfth House is that place in space where all differences dissolve, back, back, back to the Source. Our joint experience across seas and continents is one tiny validation of that truth.

My main blog is 'Writing from the Twelfth House', exploring astrology's many highways and byways Also - check out an extensive article archive May - May celebrating our connections with ' Drop by and enjoy browsing its many and varied topics! Working in person and on Zoom.

Jerry Brignone – Your Destiny in Your Degrees

Astrology: Questions and Answers. Brenda, the woman mentioned earlier, lost interest in her business at the closing square and thought about selling the company. The closing square is the beginning of a breakdown of our commitments to the project that has defined that cycle. It is the beginning of the end of that cycle. One woman told me that at the closing square she was burdened by a sense of a failure, feeling that he had not achieved the goals she set for herself at the conjunction.

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I reminded her of a key astrological concept: that there is always another cycle, another opportunity, another chance to fulfill the unfinished evolutionary business of the past 4. Look at your chart and find where these degrees fall in your chart, the house placement of the conjunction and any aspects formed. This is where your life has started going, where your life is heading, where you need to focus your energies. This is an area where ideally personal commitments have been made, and where you are striving for tangible achievement of your life goals, the goal of the Jupiter-Saturn.

In the study of astrology we learn to use the formative power of the will in alignment with planetary symbolism, for the purpose of evolving and unfolding all of our potentials 5. Thus, the conjunction means what we make it mean. How do I choose to invent the meaning of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction? For example, a woman who wanted to buy a house was going to have the conjunction in her 4th house.

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She lined up her loan from a bank, months ahead of time. She got ready for the conjunction, and by the time it occurred she was ready to proceed, she found the right place, and she purchased Taurus home and property 4th house. A new cycle of Jupiter Saturn astrology began for her. The conjunction initiated a time of active striving to earn more money, a time of greater focus on financial commitments and generating wealth.

Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Taurus means taking charge of our financial destiny. Taurus is the sign of the ox, a beast of burden. Pulling a cart like an ox requires strength, determination, persistence. We place greater emphasis on working hard and saving money. The conjunction in Taurus reminds us that, to counterbalance the electric but airy, disembodied quality of the growing electronic culture Uranus in Aquarius , we also need to connect to nature, the earth. Connect to the consciousness of the cow. Feel your roundness and solidity, the strength of your legs beneath you, connected through your feet to the earth below.

Chew your life experience slowly and thoroughly. Cut through neurotic speed. Be at ease. Log off the internet and hug a tree. Feel your connection to the plant kingdom.